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The Hero's Journey

Extract from my paper on which I based my talk at New Horizons, St Anne's, in October 2016.

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......The Truth movement has been wearing away at the world
of corporate power and corruption since the early days of the
internet and 9/11, building a solid, but regrettably still small,
core of awakened souls who have sought to expose the dark
underbellyof our enemy.
But in the last couple of years things have begun to move,
and not just from the work of the Truth movement.
It is my firm conviction that the core process should be
seen as a battle between evolutionary drives and the attempted
social conditioning and control of the globalist elites. The
evolutionary drives must win or we are lost.
In the nineties I was involved in a project known as the
Hundredth Monkey Camps. These were a series of three
meditation camps held over consecutive years seeking to build a
‘morphic field’ of international co-operation and reciprocity.
You are probably familiar with the ‘Hundredth Monkey’
concept, the idea that when a certain critical number of people
with an idea or understanding is reached, that this idea will
spread through the collective unconscious and others in distant
parts will pick it up. ‘Nothing can stop an idea whose time has
come’ sums up the aspiration of this concept, if I may
paraphrase Victor Hugo, although it is perhaps not so simple.
My book ‘Waking The Monkey! ~ Becoming The
Hundredth Monkey (A Book for Spiritual Warriors)’ details my
experience of the first camp of 1995 in a stream of

I would like to be able to say that the project was a
‘success’,but some of the outcomes were perhaps unintended,
as indeed often happens with experiments, and the organisers
had this billed as ‘An experiment in consciousness’, so these
unintended consequences need to be considered.
The seeking of agreement through dialogue to create the
morphic resonance thought necessary for the ‘Hundredth
Monkey Effect’ was a key part of the ‘Allting’ (from the Norse
term Allthingi meaning a moot or Parliament) process that we
went through, the sharing of inner experiences and feelings from
our meditations on world issues.
It would be a long time before I faced the conclusion that
universal agreement cannot ever be fully achieved without
coercion. There will always be different interests, and these
may conflict. A point we are obliged to face now, at this crucial
time, and one to which I will return.
But my own process during that seminal week was one
that became a Rite of Passage in which I faced my own demons
and made some progress in both mastering them and finding my
own Agency, as it is termed in the psychological sciences, the
sense that one has the power to effect change in one’s life andthe world through insight, choice and action. The understanding
that you are a force of nature.
But how can Agency be found? And how does it relate to
‘World Healing’?
It was not until much later, and after I had completed my
book that I looked in detail at the Hero’s Journey, as it is named
by Joseph Campbell, the late mythologist and philosopher, and
realised that my own experiences at each of the camps had
followed this arc.
This proto- or Mono-myth in its simplest form can be
summarised as ‘Fate chooses na├»ve stripling to face challenges
or danger, stripling despite inner doubts and actual failings
achieves the goal, slays the dragon, usually with a little bit of
advice and assistance from a wise elder, who can’t do the job
himself because it is as much about the stripling finding his own
inner power as it is about killing the external dragon.’
In the infinite elaborations which different versions have
made of this arc there are usually included unexpected setbacks
or reversals of fate, failures after apparent success which have to
be fought back from, nemeses who appear to win and have to be
overcome, visits to the Underworld, the Dark Night of the Soul,
magical spirit guides who give healing, and mystical inner
worlds of the Hero himself.
A little graphic of this I found on the internet.
The overcoming of these challenges will in the end
empower the Hero with confidence and self belief ~ Agency ~
although this has often been gained at a price that has been paid
through the pain of the ordeals that have been endured. Odin
had toto hang on a tree for nine days and nights, as well as give an
eye as the price of wisdom for a draft from the Well of Mimir.
Often the Hero’s final journey will be to the Otherworld where
he is healed by the powers of that realm. We see this in the
hobbits as they return to the Shire and then in Frodo who leaves
Middle Earth for Eldamar after the successful quest of the Ring
and the Fall of Sauron.
My own early interest in Heroic literature such as the
Arthurian cycles, the Odyssey and Tolkien had led on to what
one might now call ‘New Ageism’ in the late eighties and early
nineties which had deep roots in Theosophy and the Occult
Revival of the 19thC fin-de-siecle a century before, but also
spiced up with input from the post-psychedelic ‘Human
Potential’ movement, and ‘channelling’ material, which also had
links, not fully recognised by me at the time, into social
engineering and military intelligence agencies.
The ‘Hundredth Monkey’ events were amazing, intense
events in which to participate, but it eventually came to seem to
me that there was an element of this social engineering
embedded into them. Some of the organisers had participated in
Erhardt Training Seminars (EST), a controversial and
challenging training program which some have criticised as
being akin to brainwashing in the way in which participants are
forced to conform through extreme social pressure.
This was a thread which seemed to have found its way into
the Monkey Camps. Now, I will acknowledge that a certain
degree of organisation and procedural integration are necessary
when you have a hundred or more people in a field for a week
trying to perform various group activities. And this is fine.
Rather it was on the meta-levels of aspiration and intention
that the assumptions were embedded.
Ruminating on and digesting as many sides of a major
world issue as possible in a formal meditational and ritual
setting is an activity which may have subtle effects on that issue
and indeed the world; but my own feelings about this are that
those effects are at least as likely to be worked out through the
participants involvement in the world over time, as they are
through direct resonance immediately on the particular situation
which is focussed upon.
Certainly this is the manner in which I have found my own
experience progress, and the principle thrust of my book.
However, there do appear to have been some rather unexpected
consequencesof the group meditational work that took place,
and the importance of these, subtle though they may have been,
has grown in my mind over the years, but also more recently.
Firstly, let me pose my principle hypothesis.
Although the ‘2012 Node’ as I shall call it was vastly
overhyped and misrepresented by frauds and well meaning
amateurs alike, it is my firm conviction that we have been going
through, and are going through, a ‘fractal time event’ in our
recent and current time frame.
While on the one hand the predictions, which ranged from
catastrophe (such as portrayed in Roland Emerich’s ‘2012’) to
mass awakening or enlightenment (as suggested by such as Ken
Carey, of ‘Strarseed Transmissions’ fame, and many others in
the New Age fraternity) have all signally failed to come to pass,
nonetheless 2012 was still the end date of the Mayan calendar
Long Count which began in 3113 BC. Interestingly researchers
have concluded that the Long Count was not first instigated on
that date, but that it was retrofitted, one might say, some time
perhaps a couple of thousand or so years later.
Thus one might say that the Mayans, or proto-Mayans.....

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