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Donald Trump, Back to the Future and Correcting the Time-Lines

Donald Trump, Back to the Future

and Correcting the Time-Lines

I’ve been into some pretty weird speculative metaphysics over the years, and this is certainly out there with them, but there are some strange coincidences which have been going down that I feel I need to address.

In fact I don’t feel quite so out on the edge with this one as I might since only a few days ago, Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice TV mentioned this very subject, and I posted in the comments thread that I had been having the same idea for a while.  In fact, I have developed the idea somewhat and that is why I am writing about it here.

Certainly the subject of time-lines is something that had a certain following back in the day of 2012 when speculative metaphysics got rather out of hand in some quarters. 

Laying out the main features of this hypothesis we have the Back to the Future trilogy, the first part of which was released in 1985 the date in which the anchor time line is set.  The protagonist is Marty McFly, his mentor or guide (in the Hero’s Journey template) is Doc Emmet Brown, and the enemy is Biff Tannen, who usually ends up under a pile of manure at the end of each episode.

Now where Donald Trump comes into all this is that apparently Biff Tannen is supposed to be a caricature of Donald Trump.  He is a little older than Trump, being about 18 in 1955 when the Donald would have been only 9, but the parody becomes clear in part 2 of the series when he is found ensconced in a giant skyscraper named after himself.

The portrayal of Biff Tannen is one of a loudmouthed bully, and I think we all know that such is the image of Donald J Trump as portrayed by the mainstream media. 

However, there are many who believe otherwise, and there are many stories to the contrary as well, such as when he got out of his limo to stop a mugging, or when he sent his own personal jet to take a young person across the country to a hospital when normal commercial carriers wouldn’t accommodate  the medical equipment needed.

I think it is well established that the elites who like to manipulate world events and create illusionary realities also like to make reverse images of what they are portraying.  We certainly see this in the 2016 election in which the media, the controlled lackey messengers of the NWO have been portraying Clinton as benevolent and Trump as the bad guy.  I won’t go into the evidence on that here, but my own position is that this is the kind of reversal which the media love to make.

So we have Trump portrayed as Biff Tannen, who in the second part of the series manages to go back in time to give his younger self the Gray’s Almanac which has all the sporting wins from 1950 to 2000, which he can then bet on and become the Biff who builds a gambling empire and concomitantly brings about the dystopian future portrayed in that second part.

There have been quite a number of video analyses of Back to the Future and there is much to be unearthed from what appear to be fairly clear references to 9/11 and other historical episodes.  I don’t really need to go into these in any depth, party because they don’t actually affect my own hypothesis in any significant way, and partly because I think some of what they say is just mistaken.  However there can be no doubt that there is an immense amount of symbolism both in the plot, the characters and the visual imagery of all three movies.

A lot of this symbolism is linked with other movies, especially movies including Christopher Lloyd (Doc Emmet Brown who creates the time machine) and the tunnel in Los Angeles underneath the observatory.  I don’t need to go into these in specific detail either, but the conclusion which I and many others find ourselves reaching with all this is that over many years people in Hollywood have plugged away repeatedly at certain imagery which probably relate to certain mythologies and narratives which they wish to project onto the world.

Now sometimes these mythologies and narratives may not actually match the real world in which we live.  In a kind of parallel way this is what the different time lines in the movies represent.  In a metaphorical way you can see that it is being suggested that some time back in the past Trump got hold of some form of non-legitimate power on which to build his empire.  But of course, we should remember that the real life Trump didn’t build that empire from cheated gambling wins, he built it from a small amount of starter capital, which he build through solid business acumen, calculated risk taking and personal confidence.  In fact these characteristics are just the things which the NWO elites like to discourage as much as possible.  They would probably like to take down someone who displayed such characteristics if they became too prominent and influential on the political or world stage, and this is ample evidence in my mind as to why they would wish to portray Trump as a Biff Tannen type character. 

Actual reality of course shows something different.  The future 2015 which Marty and Doc Brown visit is shown as recognisable to a visitor from 1985, only more futuristic, with hoverboards and holograms, while the Biff Tannen influenced future is shown as dark and dystopian, and that was only in 1985 when Marty and Doc return from 1955.  Heaven knows how much worse it would have been by the time we reached the 2015 time frame.

So in actuality the reality we live in is the diametric opposite of what is portrayed.  How strange it is that we are already living in the dystopian nightmare portrayed as the Trump future, but surely he cannot be held responsible for it, with all the bad decisions and cronyism of recent times since 9/11, and especially of the most recent years of the Obama presidency.  These last four years in particular have been a descent into chaos, not only with race riots in the US but war and chaos in the Middle East.

I would argue that if in some way the ‘time lines’ had been messed with, that this is the dystopian line that we are in now, and that if possible we need to find a way to restore the original pattern which has been corrupted.

A point made in one of the videos on the subject which I find interesting was the suggestion that 9/11, being the most observed event in human history has some kind of power to tap into the level of the collective mind of humanity, even create some kind of Stargate or portal to another dimension.  A parallel reality perhaps?  One which allowed the time line to be diverted and hijacked perhaps?  Certainly I don’t think many people will argue against the idea that 9/11 has become the defining moment of the entry into the 21st century, and thus in a metaphysical sense is foundational to our reality.  And there can be little objection to the idea that it was hijacked and exploited to control the reactions of the trauma inflicted population of the world.
This video on how Back to the Future predicts 9/11 also includes some material on the psychic effects of that event.

Back to the Future on Illuminati symbolism

There are many other videos on this with interesting material but I find these two the best.  The one of Occultism in Back to the Future is rather weak in my view.

Well I’m not going to suggest that we could find ourselves in a reality where the time lines revert to what they would have been, and like some scifi movie it all evaporates as we awake from what seems a dream, just as the old Biff Tannen disappears in the future of 2015 after he has sent the Almanac back to his young self in 1955.  However, if the malignant influences of the last thirty to sixty years could be exposed, then it is possible that we might be able to move closer back towards what reality might have been without them.  I remember saying before 2012 that in my view the most important realisation which the human world could come to at this time would be the discernment of deception.  Surely to be able to recognise and thus dispel the deceptions and the consequent corruption which have been inflicted on us over this time period would go a long way to ‘correcting the time lines’.

There are those too, I know, who hold that humanity has a path laid out before it which is intended by a higher power.  If that is indeed the case, then it is interesting to consider that the removal of the cause of the false path could lead to a correction, a healing and a reorientation back toward that path.

Some mention has been made in the blogosphere of the Zemekis move which was released to coincide with Back to the Future day, as Oct 21st 2015 has become known.  The Walk recreates the 1971 tightrope walk between the Twin Towers of the WTC, and generated legitimate speculation about its connection with the 1985 movie and the 9/11 references within it.

Although most agree that the new movie confirms the 9/11 references in the former, I haven’t actually seen an interpretation of the story itself.  There may be one out there on the weird wired web but forgive me if I haven’t seen it.  Anyway, here goes.

When coming to an established mythology which is already totally embedded in the mass psyche of the world, it would be pointless to try to change it in any fundamental way.  That would be like trying to move stones from the lower courses of the pyramids.  Everything else bears down on it and confirms its position.

No.  Rather a new frame needs to be put around the image so that it remains the same, but a new perspective and thus new understanding can be reached.

The core image of the new movie is of the young man, bearing a resemblance to Marty McFly, walking the wire across the abyss between the Twin Towers.  My toes curl even thinking of it.  The skill of the Amazing Blondin walking above Niagara Falls pales into non existence with such a feat.  Personally, I couldn’t watch this movie, but it is such an incredible feat that it certainly deserves to be immortalised.

And what does this godlike image suggest?  A god does not merely walk the tightrope between buildings in a material sense, but walks the tightrope between the worlds, between the time lines.  Here, at the end of the sixty year frame of the movie there appears to be a symbol of return, of closure perhaps, of connecting the two time lines.  And if it is to be carried out by a person, then that person must have godlike attributes, or be capable of passing through the gauntlet like Heracles, overcome all odds, and achieve godhood.

So you can probably see where I am going with this.  Trump would appear to be that godlike being in a mythological sense.  If he does triumph and restore order as he declares, then in a few thousand years he probably will be regarded in the same way as we look at Gilgamesh, or Achilles, burnt into the psyche of the human race forever as one of its great archetypal heroes.

To get a fuller understanding of what I mean by a god being is someone who fully expresses an archetype of the Collective Unconscious.  In that Collective Mind many forces struggle with one another.  I would suggest that the time lines problem we face is one in which we have now gone so far from the genetically programmed pathway for which our incarnation was intended that to go any further on the current path would inevitably cause a general breakdown of all the major human systems on the planet.  We see this in the mass demographic movements at present which threaten chaos to the whole world.  This is promoted by the archetype of Loki, of Trickster, of Ahriman, who resents order and seeks to bring it all down out of spite.

An archetype of Order must emerge or the world will fall into an eon of Chaos, and that archetype of Order is being expressed by Trump.  And as the being who expresses that archetype then he has to pass through the gauntlet of trial and overcoming.  In India there is a sect of Hindus who hold that Trump is the expression of the god Vishnu, the Preserver, who will protect them from the Chaos and barbarism of neighbouring Islam.  Evangelical Christians claim to have prophecies that Trump will win and be the servant of the Lord, that those who stand in his way will fall.  Megan Kelly seems to be fitting this prediction.

From a Jungian perspective these can all be seen as expressions of the same archetype of Logos which take their various local cultural forms.

The gauntlet in The Walk is the death defying tightrope walk, and the gauntlet for Trump is metaphorically death defying as he defies the words of those who seek to assassinate his character and walks back on all our behalf to the time line which we should have been on by speaking truth.  And would have been if people had always spoken the truth about corruption the way he does.

It seems possible that Zemekis made this new movie with this symbolism of returning to the parallel time line because of the well known ‘secrets in plain sight’ thing which the ‘Illuminati’ or secret societies or whoever are supposed to exercise in advance of any major psy-op against the people.  This is in order that they can say to the karmic authorities (or maybe just their sick excuses for a conscience) that they gave advance warning of what they were going to do, so it’s just everyone’s hard luck if they get caught out.

So I think that’s just about it.  Back to the Future 2 does then seem to give a symbolic account of the hijacking of the timeline, which can be both specifically linked to 9/11 as well as generally over the last thirty to sixty years, but that in the time frame in and around Oct 2015, when Trump was astonishing all with his meteoric rise and confounding all naysayers, an opportunity would present itself to reconnect the parallel time lines with a being who could walk a straight and narrow pathway , remaining balanced, to restore what should be.  A tightrope walker must walk a such a true path or they will fall.

It is fascinating to watch the purveyors of the false reality of Chaos as their foundation crumbles.  Another image from Hollywood movies comes to mind as I draw near my end, and that is the oft repeated one of the hero making it to safety at the last moment as the tightrope fails, the bridge collapses, the temple implodes and the evil villains of chaos are sucked into oblivion.

Perhaps I am wrong.  Perhaps the Hero will not be true to his destiny, perhaps we will all fall alongside his failed endeavour.  But if he and the collective strength of the archetype he expresses does not prevail against the forces of Chaos, then that will be the real Dystopian Road before us which was falsely projected onto Tannen/Trump, but that the Dark Lords of Globalism have unleashed upon us, an age of Chaos.

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