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Hundredth Monkey Camp 1995 Map

Hundredth Monkey Camp 
1995 Map 

       Here is the map of the campsite of the Hundredth Monkey event held in the summer of 1995 near the Malvern Hills which can also be found in the book and the ebook or kindle versions.  Because it is small in the paperback and there are also limitations with ebooks I've included this image here which I think should be copyable and then you can enlarge it and look at the detail.

I have aimed to reproduce the layout of tents, domes, marquees, caravans and firecircles as close to how they were at the event, basing this on a number of photographs I was fortunate enough to have given to me by the late Bryony Glass, and my friend Brenda Gabriel who was also there. 

By some brainstorm I originally put the link for this, which was in the references section in the back of the book, for one of my other blogs    rather than here where it should have been.  So now it can be found on either.

        First there is a version sized to this page, and then below a larger version

I hope it will add to the enjoyment of the book as you follow my peregrinations around the field and see where I had my various adventures.

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