Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Waking The Monkey! Published!

Waking The Monkey now available!

I am now delighted to announce that I have at last published my magnum opus Waking The Monkey! and it is available online in both paperback and ebook.

This has been an unbelievably long journey to bring this to being published, and it is my belief that the message of finding your path and speaking your truth is as important today as it has ever been.

Some of my readers may have looked at my 
in which I deal with the matter of how worldview is directed by control of narrative and the language it is written in.  I haven't added to that recently since I was doing the final edit on the book and getting it through the publishing process, but I anticipate getting back there soon.

One of the issues which concerns me deeply at the present is the stifling of debate by the refusal to speak or even listen to talk about certain topics.  Coming back from being treated as an outcast and finding the confidence to believe in myself is a big part of what the book is about. 

It is my deepest wish that people be able to look at their own lives and situations and find that seed within themselves that they can grow so as to be able to speak their truth and challenge the taboos which control people's minds in our politically correct modern world. 

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