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A Letter to Blossom Goodchild

The subject of this blog is the Great Awakening of humanity.

At the Hundredth Monkey event in 1995 which is the background source and inspiration for this blog I encountered, first hand, for the first time, instances of channelled information, having read about this in 'The Only Planet of Choice' and other works.

Channelled information is controversial, for several reasons.  Some hold that the channellers are simply fraudulent, others that they are just expressing ideas from their unconscious, whether they understand or acknowledge that to be the case, perhaps they are like the voices some people hear.  One further interpretation is that these are indeed beings of some non-physical nature who are supplying these messages, but that they cannot be relied upon as they are mischievous or even of evil intent.  Others may be bona fide, but how do we tell?  

The Master Jesus said 'By their fruits shall you know them' and that is a hard statement to disagree with.  Crop circles, for instance, may have examples of hoaxes, but there are also many which encode extensive high level mathematical information, and have unusual physical characteristics which defy conventional explanation, so it is hard to dismiss these.  On the other hand, some channelled sources make claims or promises which are not fulfilled.  What should we make of these?  I recently encountered the writings of Blossom Goodchild on her site  

Referenced from Ron Van Dyke

who has been posting daily videos on his meditations since the beginning of the 9th Wave of the Mayan calendar earlier this year.

Blossom has been having serious issues with the fact that the supposed Galactic Federation of Light, who are ostensibly the source of her channelled messages failed to deliver on a promise that 'pillars of light' would appear and be visible on Earth recently.  She has now questioned the reliability of this source, and it looks like she may have broken off contact with it/them for the time being.  There are numerous channelled sources making comment on the progress of the Awakening transition which we have entered and are experiencing, but my own personal response to these is that mostly they generate false expectations by delivering versions of events which do not correlate with actuality, and thus give false hope.

My own perception and understanding of what is at the core of the Awakening process is that it is about recognising deception.  We see this in Egypt for instance.  The military deceived the population, lying about the future path of democracy, and then reneging on it, so the people have had to challenge, again and again.

The governments of the West are in many ways even more deeply embroiled in deception of the population through their controlled media.  The people are largely enthralled by these lies, and so will remain enslaved by them until the pain of disillusionment finally leads to them waking up from the sleep of wishful thinking.

As a meditation teacher once said to me: 'Test everything!'  This is what they do in science, they put up an hypothesis, and then test it.  If the prediction fails to be confirmed, then the theory has been falsified; this is the basis of scientific theory, as summarised by Karl Popper.  

When predictions fail, the hypothesis is wrong.  Simple.

When sources claim that something will happen, and it doesn't, then that source is wrong.  When it blames us for its failure, we have the choice of either continuing to believe it, or we challenge it.  Continuing to believe a lie when it has been demonstrated is playing into the hands of the deceivers.  Challenging it is the only valid way forward of growth.

I absolutely respect that Blossom Goodchild has challenged the lie which was presented to her, and has apparently now withdrawn from the conversation with these deceivers.  In so doing she has taken a step forward and has expanded her awareness.  It is an experience of sadness, but also one of freedom.

Only when we refuse to be entrapped by lies will we be able to see the Truth.  This is the lesson of this experience.

My letter to Blossom Goodchild follows below.

Dear Blossom,


I have only recently started following your postings of your conversations with the Federation of Light after I heard Ron van Dyke talk about them.  Firstly may I say I acknowledge your integrity in what you have done, and are doing with your work.

Clearly, things are difficult with this contact at present.  I have had some experience with channelled beings in the past, and know that things may not always be as they are at first presented.

The question of unfulfilled promises is a serious one, and I deeply respect the fact that you have challenged these beings as to why they have failed to manifest these promises.  Your previous posting in which you first asked them about why these things did not happen seemed to me to amount to these beings blaming you, us, for what they had not done, for why they had broken their promise.

It is my conclusion from this, and other previous experiences going back many years, that there are non material or extraterrestrial beings who purposely mislead us in order to cause us to lose our faith.  The greater purpose behind this is that we will learn to see through lies and thus be stronger through our more developed perception.  It is a part of the Great Deception which the human race has to learn to recognise.

I believe that we will not see the arrival of extraterrestrial beings or other greater manifestations until we have achieved the transition and transformation which we are all looking for.  Leading us to believe that there will be manifestations which will lead to mass awakening and so forth is encouraging us to believe in outside interventions and thus disempower our own self belief. 

It may be the case (I hope not but have to acknowledge the possibility) that the Great Awakening will not actually take place until the complete triumph of the powers of darkness over the world.  It may be that only this will cause sufficient pain to awaken all those who deny or avoid what is going on presently, who feel that there is no point, or that it is a hopeless task.  Perhaps when they see that all that was warned of by the Awakening movement has come about, they will realise that something must be done, that they, we, all of us must do something, must awake, speak the truth of it all and stand up against the lies which control our world, following paths of freedom, responsibility and, above all, love.

There is interesting work on this subject of what John Lash calls the 'Archons', who seek to subvert the spirituality of the human race in the following links, which you may or may not be aware of.

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I hope you find this interesting.  My own blogs can be accessed on the following links
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Best regards, and I hope you come to your own resolution on these issues which we all find so difficult.

Cosmic Claire

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